About Us

SEPOC Enterprises P/L is a company which focuses on the development and implementation of environmentally friendly business projects, which conform to and are in line with global trends and initiatives that seek to achieve sustainable and climate friendly global, continental and national development.

Most mature and young businesses in Zimbabwe, are unknowingly and excessively energy inefficient in their operations. Their processes were never designed to be energy efficient. This is an area that accounts for significant loss contribution to companies’ balance sheet and yet it is routinely absent from their strategic business plans.

Tariffs of products and services of businesses in Zimbabwe are not competitive to regional or international competitors. Energy Efficiency is one major driver for global competitiveness. SEPOC’s products and services repositions organisations for both local and global competitiveness through optimised, affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

Besides the usual business targets that ensure profitability, continuity and sustainability, all the projects in our portfolio must, of necessity, seek :

  • To utilise the most innovative and environmentally friendly systems and methods in the design and implementation of its various eco friendly business ventures.
  • To employ business processes and technologies that reduce environmental pollution and green house gas emissions.
  • To make meaningful contributions to and raise stakeholder and public awareness of sustainable development in the sectors in which we operate.
  • To provide for overall environmental, economic, technological and social well being through our various projects