Delivery Process

SEPOC’s delivery process is quality assured and guarantees minimum performance characteristics from project commissioning stage through to completion, commissioning and final hand over. The delivery process follows the following path:

  1. Site and Process Energy Audit
  2. Energy Audit Report and Solutions
  3. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Option Analysis
  4. Project Feasibility Study
  5. Presentations to Client of the Energy Efficiency Business Case
  6. Detailed Energy Efficiency Package Design
  7. Procurement
  8. Resource mobilisation
  9. Project Implementation
  10. Commissioning and Client Hand Over
  11. Benefits Monitoring and Verification

SEPOC is sure that its energy solutions will deliver the declared measurable benefits and performance for all its clients. Our confidence in the quality of our service offering and deliverables enables us to offer our clients a payment methodology that is performance-based.